Ethical Leadership in Personal and Organisational Practice

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2020-08-11 - 2020-08-14
Online (ZOOM)
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University of Stellenbosch Business School -Executive Development in partnership with the Management Training Bureau is offering a remote learning masterclass titled Ethical Leadership in Personal and Organisational Practice. This remote learning masterclass, with a focus on ethics, will provide participants with practical knowledge regarding how to govern with purpose, confidence and skill at a personal, organisational and board level, taking into account the challenge that Covid-19 confronts leaders with now and in the future.


Having attended this master class, participants will be able to:
• Reflect on the ethical quality of their personal leadership: How can I better manage and lead by example?
• Assess the ethical quality of their organisational practices: To what extent are we a reputable organisation?
• Value the importance of ethical governance for an organisation: How do we ensure that we create optimal value for society?
• Explain four essential tasks of ethical leadership: How do I develop into an ethical all-rounder?


Theme 1: Ethical Person

• The balance between the self, the other and the whole
• The relationship between norms, values, laws and ethics
• Mastering knowledge, skills and behaviours
• How to build the moral muscle

Theme 2: Ethical Organisation

• Overcoming the classical ethics-business rationalisations
• Ethics, responsibility and sustainability in organisational practices
• Integrating economic, legal and ethical considerations in decision making
• What to do when trust is broken

Theme 3: Ethical Board

• The ethics of governance
• The governance of ethics
• Stakeholder accountability
• What to do when scandal looms

Theme 4: Ethical All-rounder

• Society as the playing field
• Playing for stakeholder delight
• Lead according to the game plan
• Be fit for the game
• How to play for a win-win


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All Dates

Event: From 2020-08-11 to 2020-08-14