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Mining Law   Agriculture
  • Good Governance and CSR in Mining
  • Mining Surveying
  • Surface Mapping Management
  • Exploration Management
  • Exploitation Management
  • Wirelogging and Interprettation
  • Stream Sediment Sampling
  • Health and Safety in Mining Industry
  • Surface Mining Analysis
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Rural Development and Extension Management
  • Advanced Agricultural Project Management Strategies
  • Agricultural Development Management
  • Poverty Alleviation: Challenges, Policies and Strategies
  • Decentralisation and Community Driven Development
  • Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Managing Sustainable Rural Development
  • Integrated Natural Resources Management
  • Land Governance for Sustainable Development
  • Public Policies and Rural Development in Africa
 Tourism, Hospitality and Conservation Programs  Environmental Management Programs
  • Strategies for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable
  • Development Applied Sustainable Tourism Management
  • National Parks and Wildlife Management
  • Community Based Natural Resources Management
  • Applied Anti-poarching Strategies
  • Ecotourism Venturing
  • Conversation Conflict Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Front Office Operations
  • Housekeeping Procedures
  • Intergrated Waste Management
  • Environental Law Analysis
  • Introduction to Managing Environmental Data with MS Access
  • Assessing Environmental Impact of Industrialisation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Developing a Community Environmental Plan
  • Emegency Preparedness and Disaster Management
  • Environmental Management Strategies
  • GIS Application in Planning and Resource Management
  • community Based Natural Resources Planning and Management


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